Sports Massage ( Coming Soon )

Sports Massage ( Coming Soon )

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The physical effects of sports massage


Muscle fibres can contract and therefore have good extensibility. Most of the restriction in the flexibility of a muscle derives from the connective tissue that surrounds the muscle and the muscle fibres. Rigorous massage movements, such as kneading and wringing, stretch and loosen the skin and underlying tissue. Increased localised blood circulation and temperature, during massage help the tissues become more pliable. This all helps restore flexibility and repeated bouts of stretching may lead to changes in connective tissue, plus an increase in the length of muscle fibres.

Relieves muscle tension
Muscle tension may be reduced by simple stroking actions that stimulate the peripheral nerve receptors which are nerve endings situated in the skin and underlying fascia that detect changes in the environment. Such changes in the environment may relate to temperature, pain, pressure and so on. Depending on the stimulus, the response may be for the muscle tension to increase or for muscles to relax. This is a reflex action, as distinct from the use of mechanical forces to stretch muscle fibres and connective tissues, as described above. We can now understand how discomfort or pain during massage would cause muscles to tighten up, while stroking movements help relax them.

Improves flexibility of muscle
Studies have shown that massage aimed at muscle relaxation can result in an increased range of motion in a joint.

Reduces swelling
Swelling may be caused by blood which has leaked out from torn blood vessels, or by fluids moving through the capillary walls into interstitial spaces. By massaging the area, an increase in movement and temperature within the soft tissues will increase lymph flow leading to fluids being reabsorbed into the circulatory system


Pain relief
Massage may also be used for reducing perception of pain. By using massage to affect neurological change, the psychological perception of pain will also be altered, potentially leading to reduced muscle tension, less pressure on sensory nerve endings, and so creating cyclical alleviation of the pain symptom. This obviously plays an important role when dealing with injury management and rehabilitation.

Every session is 60mins or 90mins

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