Professional Bike Fitting

We specialise in bike fitting, using the latest technology to assess your cycling posture, from which we adjust your bike for optimal comfort and performance. This assessment also allows us to re-evaluate and provide recommendations to improve the rider's cycling technique.

Why choose Performance BikeFitter?

1. We are professionally accredited bike fitters. 

2. We use the latest technology and equipments to provide accurate bike fits.

3. We care about your ride!

All bike fits at Performance BikeFitter come with a 1-year fit adjustment period, so if you are uncomfortable after your bike fit, just come back to us within the 1-year fit adjustment period and we will help you with the adjustments, free of charge. No other bike fitters out there offers this service.

Our Bike Fit Services Our Rates (SGD)
Retül Müve Pre-Fit (Approx 1-hr) $320

Performance Bike Fit (Standard) (Approx. 2-3 hrs)

Add $100 for Bike Measurement

$520 (Road bike and MTB) 

$570 (Time Trial bike)

Retül Bike Fit (Approx. 3 hrs) $900
Small Wheel Bike Fit (Approx 2 hrs) $325
Cleats Fitting (Approx 1-hr) $180
Saddle Pressure Fitting (Approx 1-hr) $225
Bike Fit Adjustment (Existing Client, Within 1-Yr Period) F.O.C
Bike Re-Fit (After 1-Yr Warranty) $250

Select the Bike Fitting service(s) for more information and make your appointment booking online!