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"At Performance BikeFitter, we believe that it is "The People" who makes us amazing! We are passionate in what we do and we really hope that every client or customer will give us the opportunity to forge a relationship with you." – Alan Hoon, Founder & Lead Bike Fitter

Team photo

L-R: David (Mechanic), Gary (Bike Fitter & Occupational Therapist),

Ben (Bike Fitter), Shane (Mechanic), Alan (Founder & Lead Bike Fitter) 



1. We are professionally accredited bike fitters. Our collective team experience and constant up-skilling keeps us on our toes!

2. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate bike fits.

3. Using 3D bikefit systems, we collect data about your ride and take the time to sit down with you to explain what they mean.

4. With our sports rehabilitation knowledge, we are able to assess your posture and flexibility in order to give you personalised advice.

5. Our on-site mechanics can assist in any bike modifications required.

6. We care about your ride and that is what we do!


Alan Hoon

Alan is a Singapore Cycling Federation cycling coach, HIIT coach and is accredited with the International Bike Fitting Institute. He is certified in the Retul Fit System, Leomo Motion Capture system, GebioMized Contact Point Biomechanics, and BikeFit Pro system. His area of expertise is in rehabilitation; to assess, re-align and strengthen the body in the process of bike fitting, so it is not merely adjusting the bike to prescribed parameters.

Ben is a passionate road cyclist and a Captain of 30Forty Cycling Team. He is an International Bike Fitting Institute Level 2 fitter, also certified in LEOMO Motion Capture Analysis, Gebiomized Contact Point Biomechanics, Time Trial and Triathlon Fitting, Torke Custom Bicycle Design. To him, the bike is a “symmetrical” body, but the rider is not. Hence, there is a need to tailor a bike’s setup to its rider’s needs, which include flexibility, range of motion or any past injuries. He believes that every cyclist can break new boundaries in their journey.

Gary graduated with a Bachelors of Science (Occupational Therapy) from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and is a registered Occupational Therapist in Singapore. He is currently interested in applying his knowledge of ergonomics and body mechanics to the cycling world. As an avid cyclist, he believes in the importance of riding "fitted" and that every cyclist should be both comfortable and efficient. With his experience in occupational therapy, he seeks to eliminate preventable strain injuries and to optimise the ergonomic performance of every cyclist.

Shane is an engineering graduate from NUS who now directs his problem solving skills and meticulousness towards the intricacies of modern bicycles. With an unhealthy obsession with precision and keen eye for detail, he hopes to elevate the art of "wrenching" to another level.

David passion for tinkering with his own bikes and his ability to resolve his friend's mechanic problems led him to a career transition to become a full-time mechanic. He trained and worked under Treknology for two years prior to joining the team. The Mechatronics graduate from Temasek Polytechnic enjoy social rides with his pals chasing the sunrise and a good catch-up over breakfast.


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