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"At Performance BikeFitter, we believe that it is "The People" who makes us amazing! We are passionate in what we do and we really hope that every client or customer will give us the opportunity to forge a relationship with you." – Alan Hoon, Founder & Lead Bike Fitter



1. We are professionally accredited bike fitters. Our collective team experience and constant up-skilling keeps us on our toes!

2. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate bike fits.

3. Using 3D bikefit systems, we collect data about your ride and take the time to sit down with you to explain what they mean.

4. With our sports rehabilitation knowledge, we are able to assess your posture and flexibility in order to give you personalised advice.

5. Our on-site mechanics can assist in any bike modifications required.

6. We care about your ride and that is what we do!

7. We have a female bike fitter catered for females cyclists.


Alan Hoon

ALAN HOON | Lead Fitter

Alan is a Singapore Cycling Federation cycling coach, HIIT coach and is accredited with the International Bike Fitting Institute level 3. He is certified in the Retul Fit System level 2 & Retul Premium Fit, Leomo Motion Capture system, GebioMized Contact Point Biomechanics, and BikeFit Pro system. His area of expertise is in rehabilitation; to assess, re-align and strengthen the body in the process of bike fitting, so it is not merely adjusting the bike to prescribed parameters.



DAVID WONG | Mechanic

David's passion for tinkering with his own bike and his ability to resolve mechanical problems led him to a career transition to become a full-time bike mechanic. He trained and worked under Treknology3 for a year prior to joining our team. He is certified with Shimano and Bike School Asia.




 Wen I Fitter

With an interest in learning more about the biomechanics of cyclists in motion, Wen went to Melbourne, Australia to receive training as a certified Retul Bike Fitter. She is also certified in Retul's Advanced Motion Analysis. As an Honours graduate in Human Movement Studies, Wen's understanding of human biomechanics has enabled her to utilize the Retul Bike Fit System to help her clients optimize their riding experience. It is Wen's goal to help cyclists ride happier. ( Usually available on Saturdays only , any other arrangements are subject to prior booking and availability )



Sport Scientist Shawn
Pursuing Sports science with the intensity of a nerd with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Shawn aims to Transform Pains into Gains using the Power of Sports Science. Having completed ultra-distance events and cycled Taiwan's highest mountain, he combines knowledge with hands-on experience to optimize performance, enhance recovery, and achieve peak athletic potential.



 Sport Scientist Nicholas

With a passion for Sports , Nicholas completed his degree in Sports and Science and continued to pursue a career in the sports industry. With his knowledge and own experience as a cyclist and sports enthusiast, he joined PerformanceBikeFitter to help athletes perform better with science. He is always ready share his knowledge with anyone interested to learn more and improve themselves.

Running Coach Sky Khoo

 My goal as a coach is to share my knowledge with like minded individuals and work with them to achieve their desirable goals in life

  • A former distance runner with 35 marathons/ultra marathons completed locally & internationally. 
  • Over 12 years of experience coaching track and field. 
  • Big believer in strength and conditioning to improve athletics performance
  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching from University of Queensland, Australia 
  • World Athletics Level 2 Coach for Sprints, Hurdles and Relays 
  • World Athletics Level 2 Coach for Mid and Long Distance 
  • USATF Level 2 Coach for Sprints, Hurdles and Relays

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