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Bike Fitting

We specialise in bike fitting, using the latest technology to assess your cycling posture, from which we adjust your bike for optimal comfort and performance. This assessment also allows us to re-evaluate and provide recommendations to improve the rider's cycling technique.

Bike Servicing

Bike Servicing

Bike servicing and repairs can be tricky to do on your own. Often, special tools and knowledge are required to ensure that the bike is properly serviced and assembled. Our mechanics are experienced, helpful and meticulous, you can be rest assured that your bike is in safe hands.


Love shopping? Our team who are riders ourselves, have curated an exciting range of cycling related products from apparel like jerseys & bibs, to accessories like bidons.

Testing & Coaching (NEW!)

Are you looking to push yourself to greater heights, and make a breakthrough in your performance? Well, look no more, for we are now offering coaching, testing services. Through the various assessment methods, we will be able to provide professional insights of your body, and how you may further improve yourself from there on.

Why Choose

Performance BikeFitter?

1. We are professional bike fitter with multiple accreditations.

2. We use the latest technology and equipments to accurately bike fit you.

3. We care about your ride!

Our Accreditations

What our clients say about us?

Big thank you to you for the wonderful experience which certainly changed my perception towards bike fit. I now understand that a good fit is necessary as it steers anyone from an unknowing injurous path.


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of service. Before seeing Alan I could only do short distance rides due to an injury. After his special touch and fitting, I can now cycle better and further.

James Lee

Highly recommended! Not only did the pre-fit with Alan allows me to build a bike suitable for me, but the post fit allows me to understand my riding style and enhance my ability to maximise power on my built bicycle. Alan is patient and takes time to guide me

Jeremy Ng

It was a great experience, with Alan explaining what he is doing and what impact it has. He also has many stories to share, and the session went by in a jiffy. Would definitely return in the future for new bikes or if I’m looking for a way to improve my performance. He also has a physio, so sports rehab would be of interest in the future

Nicholas Heng

Alan and his team knows their stuff, did a basic fit and immediately experience gains the very same week! Looking forward to going back for my full fit.

Messie Henson

Great service accompanied with good technology used in bike fitter. No wonder Performance BikeFitter is so popular among the cycling community.

Terence Lim

Bike Fit Collab: @妮妮江ninijiang First Bike Fit!

Check out our Youtube Channel too: @Performancebikefitter

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