Is a Pre-Bike Fit important?

Is a Pre-Bike Fit important?

At Performance BikeFitter, we have seen too many clients who either buy a bike too big or too aggressive. Some can be fitted but some have to ride with limitations.

Why is it so important to get your body measured? We are all different, with not only proportionate differences in torso, arm and leg length, but also flexibility.

Buying a bike according to size S, M, L or XXL is vague. Some bicycle brands  use inseam and height as a guide for customers. To me, there's still not enough data.

There are two ways to get pre-fit data. First is using a software to have the rider's anatomical parts measured. The software will recommend frame size according to different types of bikes – road, time trial or mountain bike. We we then discuss about stem length, handlebar width, cleat system, etc, based on the rider's flexibility and desired riding style.

The second will be the most accurate way is to do a physical fit using a Retul Muve bike fit rig like above. We will be able to simulate the dynamic pedalling movement and all the components of the jig is adjustable for the most accurate fit. Do speak to us and consider investing in a pre-fit to avoid the costly mistake of buying a wrong-sized bike and succumbing to strain and injuries.

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