Why does Bike Fitting cost hundreds of dollars?

Why does Bike Fitting cost hundreds of dollars?

Our founder and lead Bike Fitter, Alan Hoon shares his story.

I first started bike fitting at a very low price, it was more like an exploration if bike fitting is my forte. 
By chance, my clients were all new to bike fitting too, so the low pricing helped us all.

In the earlier days, clients were pleased with their first "Bike Fitting" experience with me, I was using a basic 2D BikeFit software back then. The positive feedback from helping others solve their bike fit issues encouraged me to take on more courses to up-skill myself and get more certification.

My first bike fit studio was tiny at 100 sq feet. It was cramped and also functioned as a storage space at the same time. It was a humble start-up with a foldable massage bed and essential tools.

Working from 7am-10pm, I managed to gradually save up for the new premises and services which I provide now. I had expanded twice to a 1,500 sq feet to the current 2,800 sq feet studio.

The main reasons for moving to the second 1,500 sq feet studio was space and operating constraints. I realised that more space was needed for the Leomo and Velogic equipment. It also didn’t make sense to keep folding and unfolding the massage bed after each use.

As I made plans to continually improve the bike fitting experience with ancillary mechanic services, expansion plans were soon in the pipeline again.

Then came the birth of the current 2,800 sq feet studio. It was a completely unfurnished unit with no aircon, uneven flooring, old electrical wiring, etc, so I had to put in a lot of time and funds to get it re-configured, up and running in the shortest time possible.

The running costs are now much higher but I am thankful that I have a constant steam of referrals from appreciate clients. With a steady growth, I am able to invest in more systems like saddle sensor mapping, seat bone measurement and custom insole systems.

We also trained and became a Retul-accredited bike fitting studio.

My team has also expanded to two more bike fitters Ben and Gary, who is a professional occupational therapist, and two bike mechanics Shane and David.

We work closely together as a team to provide professional services based on our knowledge, skills and experience.

I found this interesting quote to share:

“An expert is someone like a plumber who charges $25 merely by tapping it. 
The fine print of the bill says: $1 for the tap and $24 for knowing where to tap.” 

This is the difference that lies with your choice of a service provider or in this instance – your bike fitter!

Thanks for reading and knowing where to “tap”!

Cheers, Alan Hoon